State Of Decay Sandbox Mode DLC Coming Nov 29th

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[dropcap]S[/dropcap]tate of Decay by Undead Labs was a smash hit on the Xbox and recently was just ported to PC and released on Steam for early access. The game has excellent reviews so I picked it up about a week ago on Steam for $19.99 but haven’t been able to pull myself away from DayZ and Project Zomboid yet to enjoy it.

Reading through the forums there were many players complaining that once you beat the game (even before you beat it) that loot was dwindling and the game became stagnant and boring.  The new DLC with sandbox mode will hopefully address this concern and give players many more hours of Zombie survival fun.

Here are a few links from their website with more information on the upcoming DLC.

After I get some play time in with State of Decay I’ll post up a review for you all to read.

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