Project Zomboid Map

Project Zomboid Map

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]‘ve been playing Project Zomboid for a few days now and struggle with the fact that there is no in-game map.  Apparently I am not a great decision maker when it comes to surviving the Zombie apocalypse in Project Zomboid.  Running around aimlessly I’ve been able to successfully loot within a few hundred yards of my spawn point, but with no direction just end up dying.

That all changed when I discovered this Project Zomboid Map courtesy of Benjamin ‘blindcoder’ Schieder.  Using this map I was able to make my way to a farmhouse that I’ve started to convert to my safehouse.  The world map is huge, by the way and if you want to download the entire thing or the files Ben created a forum post here with instructions.

Farmhouse Safehouse in Project Zomboid.

This Farmhouse Has Plenty of Storage, It’s Quite and Even Has a Garden Plot!

My next step is start collecting more tools, I still need a hammer and a saw and some wood then I’ll hunker down and start fortifying this biotch.  It doesn’t have a well, so water is going to become an issue.  I’ve read that I need to craft some rain barrels so that’s one of my next goals, I’ll keep you all posted.  Enjoy the map.

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