Looking Forward To Assassins Creed IV Black Flag on PC?

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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] jumped on the first Assassins Creed game when it was released, played it, beat the game and then moved on to other gaming titles for a while.  When Assassins Creed 3 came out the series caught my eye again and I bought and played through that game as well.  Despite lots of negative reviews I really enjoyed the game and with my HD 7970 it was drop dead gorgeous in the graphics department.

With all that said I’ve been playing pirate games for a long time.  It started with the Monkey Island series when I was a kid and then grew into Seadogs (an awesome game!) and then Sid Meirs Pirates and Tropico and Port Royal and Pirates of The Caribbean was my favorite ride at Disney Land… Yeah I’m sort of a fan of the pirate genre.  When I saw that Assassins Creed IV Black Flag was going to take place in a very piraty caribbean world I was immediately tuned-in to their marketing.

The trailers are great, the open-world they’ve created looks awesome and the amount of stuff you can do inside the game world is astounding.  I can’t wait to go harpoon some whales, or dive for treasure or just sail around the caribbean game world they’ve created.  Hopefully they’ve done a little 3D optimization as well because I think it’s going to look gorgeous in 3D.

I’ll probably be picking it up on launch day, my kids love buying me games for Christmas but I don’t think I want to wait that long for this one.  <—Gaming Addict.


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