How Bad Do You Want A Playstation 4?

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[dropcap]A[/dropcap]pparently not as bad as 19-year-old Marcus Jenkins and 20-year-old Maurice Boyd who were arrested in Bakersfield, California on Friday.  They were arrested after allegedly robbing a customer leaving a store with his new PS4 purchase shortly after midnight on Friday (morning). There were actually a few other Playstation 4 robberies over the weekend and you read about the alleged PS4 thieves here.

Sony reports that the PS4 moved more than a million units on the first day and they expect to move millions more when they further roll out the new platform to Europe and Latin America on November 29th.

Did you pre-order a PS4?  Have you played on a PS4 yet?  I’ve been a hardcore gamer for 2 decades now and I have a hard time playing anything but PC.

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