Assassins Creed IV Black Flag PC First Impression

Assassins Creed IV Screen Artifacting

[infobox color=”eg. light, green, blue, yellow, red”]…[/infobox]The artifacting and poor performance at the moment are limiting my experience.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap] picked up Assassins Creed IV Black Flag for PC yesterday at the local EB Games and installed it last night.  Installing the game via the 3 DVD’s provided took a little while but I eventually got a little time after getting kids to bed to check it out.  After getting into the settings and playing with the graphics I just can’t seem to get the game to look right.  Others with AMD cards (and Nvidia) have been complaining and both Ubisoft and Steam forums about the poor optimization.

I’m running the game at a solid 40-60 FPS with everything maxed out but I’m getting weird texture artifacts and the anti-aliasing doesn’t look right with jagged edges etc… appearing on certain items.  Then about 10 minutes in while exploring the first area the game locked up and I was forced to close the program in task manager.  I stopped playing and moved onto Project Zomboid.

Frustrating as these bugs are, I can see through them and see the potential for a beautiful game underneath but wish developers would spend more time perfecting their PC Ports.  The opening sequence will draw you right in, it’s very well done without giving away any spoilers.

I’d really like to continue diving into the game world a little more but these current graphics and performance issues are a problem for me.  Thankfully there is lots of other games we can write about for now.  I’ll be waiting for a patch on either AMD’s front or Ubisofts front to fix these issues before I continue pirating on.

[infobox color=”green”]Update:  Ali Asif from SegmentNext.Com has put together a great Assassins Creed 4 Errors and Their Fixes page.  He lists several problems and the workarounds so it might help some of you with performance issues.[/infobox]

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