7 Traits Of a Successful DayZ Survivor

7 Traits Of a Successful DayZ Survivor.

7 Traits Of a Successful DayZ Survivor – Click To See Full Size.

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]here is a lot to know if you want to be one of the last ones standing in the DayZ Mod Zombie Apocalypse.  Here are 7 traits that many successful survivors have in common.

1.  Learn The Loot Maps  |  DayzDB Map Here

Chernarus is huge, in fact it’s overwhelmingly huge, almost ridiculous in size and bigger than any game world I’d experienced before.  Knowing and understanding where all the best loot locations are is going to save your ass when you need something.  Knowing where hospitals are located for medical supplies,  grocery stores for general supplies, firehalls, police stations and barracks for weapons and industrial areas for tools and vehicle parts.  In the DayZ Mod not every building spawns loot and some towns are essentially “dead zones” so it’s important to become familiar with the map so you don’t take the wrong route.

2.  Play With Friends | Get Your Teamspeak Server Here (I paid $21 for a 10 slot for 6 months)

Seriously, I lone wolfed it for many months when I first started playing DayZ and it was tough.  Playing with a friend or small group of friends is awesome in DayZ.  You can work together to loot towns while you or one of your friends stays on overwatch to keep you safe from bandits.  Working together as a team you’ll be able to carry more supplies.  You’ll also be able to collect the parts to put vehicles together much faster and lastly you’ll have someone to give you beans, blood and morphine when you’ve pulled a newb move and forgotten them.

3.  Secure a Vehicle

If you don’t want a large chunk of your game time spent running from location to location then securing a vehicle should be a top priority.  First you’ll want to have a tent or other means for safe storage.  Then you’ll need to go about looting all the parts required.  Depending on the Mod you’re playing and the server you might not need any parts or you’ll need 4 wheels, 1 fuel tank parts, 1 engine parts, scrap metal and gas.  You’ll also need to get yourself a toolkit as well so you can actually work on the vehicle.  Vehicles take a lot of work to put together, drive carefully, protect it and for fucks sakes have spare parts.

4. Get a Decent Pack (to hold all your shit!)

And fill it with the DayZ survival essentials.  You’ll want to find an ALICE or a  Czech backpack.  The ALICE being the larger of the two with 20 slots and the Czech having only 16.  If you’re really lucky and stumble across a Coyote backpack then it has 24 slots and will get you killed if your skin shows the pack.  Once you’ve got a pack you need to fill it for your travels.  Items you’ll need to scavenge include food, drinks, bandages, painkillers, morphine, blood bags, ammunition and a tent.  You’ll also want to fill up your toolbelt with items like a compass, map, watch, flashlight, hunting knife, matches, a hatchet and if you’re really lucky a GPS.

#5. Get a Silenced Weapon

Damn, this is way easier said than done on some servers but a silenced weapon will make you the ultimate zed killing machine.  Zombies are sensitive to sound and gunshots are no exception.  Shooting off your lee enfield in downtown Cherno is sure to attract a ton of zombies (and players) to your location.  It’s in your best interest to find a silenced weapon if you can.  Once you have it though, you’ll be scared shitless to lose it.  Ahh… the beauty of DayZ.  Conserve your ammo because the silenced ammo is harder to come by.  If you can’t find a silenced rifle or pistol the next best thing is a hatchet.

#6. Learn To Fly Helicopters |  Arma 2 Helicopter Tutorial #1  |  Arma 2 Helicopter Tutorial #2

Helicopters are arguably one of the best methods of transportation around Chernarus and very hard to acquire.  When the time comes that you need to man up and fly a heli you better know how to fly in the Arma 2 engine!  This shit ain’t a cakewalk.  It’s usually a good idea to get some practice on empty servers (rMod servers are good) or else play around in the Arma 2 mission editor (hold ALT E when you see the Arma 2 menu).  You can also try some of the different single campaign missions or even watch some YouTube videos.  Personally I just use the AWSD keys and only crash once in a while.

#7.  Don’t Trust Anyone | No One To Play With…? Join The GGG Clan Here

Seriously, the fastest way to die in DayZ is usually from another player.  While there are some friendlies out there most people are going to attempt to kill you on sight.  This is why it’s generally safer to play with a friend or a small group of friends.  If you do die from some untrustworthy bandit type then at least your friends will have a shot at vengeance and possibly retrieving or guarding your gear until you can make it back there.  If you’re a lone wolf then you need to use your own discretion when you come into contact with other players.

What do you think are some of the most important survival traits in DayZ?

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